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Index Column Heading Required Unique Type Value Constraints Title/Description
1 Post Unique Reference Yes No Integer Post Unique Reference
Unique id for a post
2 Name Yes No String Name
Name of person in role
3 Grade Yes No String Grade
Grade of role
4 Job Title Yes No String Job Title
title of the role
5 Job/Team Function Yes No String Job/Team Function
6 Parent Department Yes No String Parent Department
the department for the role
7 Organisation Yes No String Organisation
the organisation
8 Unit Yes No String Unit
unit with the organisation
9 Contact Phone Yes No String Contact Phone
contact phone number
10 Contact E-mail Yes No String Contact Email
contact email address
11 Reports to Senior Post Yes No String
12 Salary Cost of Reports (ᆪ) Yes No Non-Negative Integer Salary Cost of Reports (ᆪ)
13 FTE Yes No String FTE
14 Actual Pay Floor (ᆪ) Yes No Non-Negative Integer Actual Pay Floor (ᆪ)
15 Actual Pay Ceiling (ᆪ) Yes No Non-Negative Integer Actual Pay Ceiling (ᆪ)
16 Yes No String
17 Profession Yes No String Profession
18 Notes Yes No String
19 Valid? Yes No Boolean Valid?
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