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Sorry, your CSV did not pass validation. Please review the errors and warnings below:

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1 Error, 1 Warning

Structural problem: Stray quote on row 66

"CD "PitiClic - Circulatie rutiera pentru... cei mici" Ver 2.0.","","23.0","","Software educational","","PitiClic si PitiClic SENIOR",""

One or more values in the row have been incorrectly quoted. E.g. a comma has not been escaped, or a quoted field has not been properly escaped
Check the values in the column and ensure that quoting has been correctly applied.

Dialect: Non standard dialect

Although your CSV validates, to make it as easy as possible for your data to be reused, we recommend using commas as delimiters, double quotes to enclose fields, and autodetecting line endings.

Structural problem: Non-standard Line Breaks on row 1

Your CSV appears to use LF line-breaks. While this will be fine in most cases, RFC 4180 specifies that CSV files should use CR-LF (a carriage-return and line-feed pair, e.g. \r\n). This may be labelled as "Windows line endings" on some systems.

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