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2 Errors, 2 Warnings

Context problem: Incorrect content type

Your CSV file is being delivered with an incorrect Content-Type of text/plain.
We recommend that you configure your server to deliver CSV files with a Content-Type header of text/csv; charset=utf-8

Structural problem: Unexpected whitespace on row 1

ID;Ativo (0/1);Nombre;categorias (x,y,z);Precio imp incluidos;Tax rules ID;En venta (0/1);Descuento;Porcentaje de descuento;Descuento desde;Descuento hasta;Referencia;Referencia proveedor;Proveedor;Ancho;Largo;Peso;Profundidad;Cantidad;Cantidad m���nima;Costos adicionales de compra;Descripci���n corta;Descripci���n;Etiquetas(x,y,z);Meta t���tulo;Meta Keywords;Meta descripci���n;Url Producto;Imagen URL;Text when in stock;1;Bolso Under Armour 1285253 001 Big Logo Tote - Negro;Mujer, bolsos;179900;0;1;;;;;20558;1;Hocompro;12;8;6;8;1;1;;<p>Bolso Under Armour </p>;"<p> Bolso Under Armour Para Mujer
Lleva de manera c���moda y con estilo todo lo que necesites para entrenar en tu nueva Bolsa Big Logo Tote de Under Armour. Su amplio espacio es ideal para tu ropa, cremas y accesorios, adem���s incluye un bolsillo externo para llevar de forma pr���ctica tu dinero, peque���os objetos de valor o tu celular. ���Ser��� tu nueva aliada!</p>";Mujer, Bolsos, Underarmour;Meta tittle-Bolso para mujer underarmour;Meta keywords- bolsos deportivos , mujer, deporte;Meta description-Bolso;Bolso-Underarmour;;in stock

Quoted columns in the CSV should not have any leading or trailing whitespace.
Remove any spaces, tabs or other whitespace from either side of the delimiters in the row.

Context problem: No encoding

The encoding of your CSV file is not being declared in the HTTP response.
We recommend that you configure your server to deliver CSV files with a Content-Type header of text/csv; charset=utf-8
If you are using a different encoding, then use an appropriate value for the charset parameter.

Context problem: Incorrect Encoding

Your CSV appears to be encoded in ASCII-8BIT. We recommend you use UTF-8.

Structural problem: Assumed header

As there is no machine readable way to tell if your CSV has a header row, we have assumed that your CSV has one.

Structural problem: Non-standard Line Breaks on row 1

Your CSV appears to use LF line-breaks. While this will be fine in most cases, RFC 4180 specifies that CSV files should use CR-LF (a carriage-return and line-feed pair, e.g. \r\n). This may be labelled as "Windows line endings" on some systems.

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