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Congratulations! Your CSV is valid! However, there are some issues that you may want to address to make is as easy as possible to reuse your data

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3 Warnings

Dialect: Non standard dialect

Although your CSV validates, to make it as easy as possible for your data to be reused, we recommend using commas as delimiters, double quotes to enclose fields, and autodetecting line endings.

Schema problem: Inconsistent value in column 18

The data in column 18 is inconsistent with others values in the same column.

Context problem: Incorrect Encoding

Your CSV appears to be encoded in ASCII-8BIT. We recommend you use UTF-8.

Structural problem: Non-standard Line Breaks on row 1

Your CSV appears to use LF line-breaks. While this will be fine in most cases, RFC 4180 specifies that CSV files should use CR-LF (a carriage-return and line-feed pair, e.g. \r\n). This may be labelled as "Windows line endings" on some systems.

Next Steps

Publish and transform your data using DataGraft, either as enhanced CSV or Linked Data.