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Structural problem: Inconsistent Line Breaks on row 149

15564311,I Surrender All (All To Jesus),6533968,,,,,,,,Worship Together,,0,"Job 11:13-15, Mark 14:35-36",C: C,"Verse 1
All to Jesus I [Am]surrender [Fmaj7]
All to Him I freely[C] [G]give
I will ever love and [Am]trust Him[Fmaj7]
In His [C]presence I will live

Verse 2
All to Jesus I [Am]surrender [Fmaj7]
Savior, make me holy [C]Thine[G]
Let me feel Your Holy [Am]Spirit [Fmaj7]
And truly know that [C]You are mine

[Fmaj7]All to [F/C]Je - [C]sus [G]I [Am]surrender [Fmaj7]
All to [F/C]Him [C]I    [G]freely give
[Fmaj7]I will [F/C]ev - [C]er [G]love and [Am]trust Him [F Fmaj7]
In His [F/C]presence [C]I [G]will live
I surren - [Fmaj7]der all [G / Am / G/B / Fmaj7/G / Am ///]
I surrender all

Verse 3
All to Jesus I [Am]surrender [Fmaj7]
Lord, I give myself [C]to [G]Thee
Fill me with Your love [Am]and [Fmaj7]power
Let Your blessing [C]fall on me

Verse 4
All to Jesus I [Am]surrender [Fmaj7]
Now I feel the sacred[C] flame[G]
Oh, the joy of Your [Am]salvation[Fmaj7]
Glory, glory to His [C]name

[Fmaj7]At Your [G]feet I lay me [Am]down
All my [G/B]scars and all my [Fmaj7]crowns
Jesus, [G]I surrender [Am]all [Fmaj7]
No more [G]having my own [Am]way
No more[G/B] chasing yesterday[Fmaj7]
Jesus, [G]I surrender [Am]all [Fmaj7]",C,,,,,,,,,,,

Your CSV has inconsistent line breaks (or your schema specified one line break style and the file uses another). You should make sure all line breaks are in the same form (i.e. CR-LF, or just LF). We recommend using CR-LF for maximum compatibility.

Structural problem: Assumed header

As there is no machine readable way to tell if your CSV has a header row, we have assumed that your CSV has one.

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