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Sorry, your CSV did not pass validation. Please review the errors and warnings below:

Total Rows Processed = 2

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Structure 1 0 1
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Context 1 0 0

2 Errors, 1 Warning

Context problem: Incorrect content type

Your CSV file is being delivered with an incorrect Content-Type of text/plain; charset=utf-8.
We recommend that you configure your server to deliver CSV files with a Content-Type header of text/csv; charset=utf-8

Note: It looks like your CSV is hosted on Github. To get the correct Content-Type headers, please consider using Github Pages, or use a service like RawGit.

Structural problem: Missing Columns on row 3

en,Person,Example Person,,Example Dates of Existence,Example History,Example Places,Example Legal Status,Example Functions,Example Mandates,Example Internal Structures,Example General Context,Example Description Identifier,,Example Rules,Final,Partial,Example Revision History,Example Sources,Example Maintenance Notes,Example Occupation A|Example Occupation B,NULL|Example occupation note B,Subject Access Point 1,Place Access Point 2,/path/to/digitalobject.jpg,

Row 3 contains a different number of columns to the first row in the CSV file.
This may indicate a problem with the data, e.g. an incorrectly escaped value, or that you are mixing together different tables of information.

Dialect: Non standard dialect

Although your CSV validates, to make it as easy as possible for your data to be reused, we recommend using commas as delimiters, double quotes to enclose fields, and autodetecting line endings.

Structural problem: Non-standard Line Breaks on row 1

Your CSV appears to use LF line-breaks. While this will be fine in most cases, RFC 4180 specifies that CSV files should use CR-LF (a carriage-return and line-feed pair, e.g. \r\n). This may be labelled as "Windows line endings" on some systems.

Next Steps

Publish and transform your data using DataGraft, either as enhanced CSV or Linked Data.